Steve Niles!

Remember that comic I recommended on here just the other day? The Lurkers? Well it turns out that I must have been subconsciously been prepping for the upcoming Denver Comicfest (April 15-17) because the writer of that ghoulish thread, writer Steve Niles will be there. He is also the author of 30 Days of Night. I need to check those out next. Shamefully I have only watched the flick so far but I really enjoyed it and if the book is better in this case (of which I have little doubt) I am really excited about this read.

Maybe if we ask nicely he'll spin us a tale for the anthology. We'll have to see.

Make sure you come out to the comicfest to get your Niles' book of ghouls and vampires signed by the very man! There will also be a chance to attend the special event on Saturday night of the festivities in which you can share drinks and appetizers with this talent and the other great guests. It is called An Evening With...and there will be more details soon. Keep your eyes on here and on the related Facebook pages.

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