Suspense is Deadly!

Hello all. Just wanted to keep you in the know. We have submitted the book's interior to our printers. I've been told it will be five to seven business days for them to review it and let me know if any changes are necessary. It has been four business days today and the wait is murderous! I can't wait to see all your fantastic work in print!

Also: Just a friendly reminder. If you want to produce a sequential piece for the book (that's a comic!) please let me know if you have not already talked to me about it. Doubly so if you don't plan on drawing it yourself. Triply so if you don't have an artist in mind yet.


Local Heroes

Hey! Anyone in or near the area will definitely want to catch this action! It's Noah Van Sciver of Blammo fame and Sam Spina of Spinadoodles.com (who wrote 3M Adventure for Cellar Door One) signing their sweet work at Time Warp Comics in Boulder. Be there! AND when you are there you should buy their work! AND buy other comics too. Wayne runs a great shop.


Off to the Printers

As of last night, Cellar Door One has finally been ushered off to the publisher! In about a week we should be holding the first proof of the book. It has been a long journey and there will be tears of joy upon holding that copy in my hands. As soon as I have an idea from the printers about how long it will take to receive the first shipment of books I will be announcing the first release party (for those of you in town...or willing to travel). I'll also be collecting addresses of those of you who contributed and are not nearby so I can send you your copy.

Be sure to take notice of the recently established guidelines and deadlines to get your work into the next book. I am very happy to say that we have lots of interested (and interesting!) people who'd like to be involved with Cellar Door Unraveling. I (Michael Prince) will be the chief editor again, Caitlin Calvert will be working very closely with me as editor and Hamza Pecenkovic will be taking the seat of art director this time round (you should check out his work and his project at www.IndieGoGo.com/MurderMachine).

If you'd like a copy of the guidelines for Cellar Door Unraveling just e-mail me at Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com.


Unraveling Deadlines


Shorts, Poems & Comic Scripts – January 15

Illustrations & Standalone Art – February 15

Comics – February 28


Call for Talent

Cellar Door, the literary and visual arts publication is now looking for submissions for its second issue that will be released in the first quarter of 2011! We will be accepting short stories, comics, artwork and poetry. Below you will find the general guidelines for each medium and a list of deadlines.

The Theme

The theme for the second edition of Cellar Door is going to be Unraveling. Think of Things Fall Apart by the wonderful African author Chinua Achebe...think Sweater Song by Weezer...think of crumbling...and unworking...and ideas that are being broken and strung back together. Let us know if you have any questions.

The Guidelines


Written submissions should be formatted in standard manuscript form (double-spaced, twelve point font and one inch margins). Please submit in RTF (Rich Text Format) as an attachment in an email containing your name and contact information. The subject line should be composed in this way: YOUR NAME / TITLE OF WORK. If your work is accepted you will be asked to write a short biography including such information as previous publishing credits and any personal information you’d like to share.

Short stories should be no more than 10,000 words (with the occasional possibility of serialization).

Poetry submissions should contain no more than three poems at a time.

All written submissions should be sent to Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com.


All art submitted should be in black & white or grayscale. Though we may give it a try in the future, for no we are not accepting any photography. Files must be .TIF (preferred) or .JPG and 300 dpi.

Keep in mind that the book’s dimensions are 6 by 9 inches wide. We will be accepting full-page illustrations, spot illustrations, and comic pages. Full bleed images are acceptable and if you have any questions on how to create them properly feel free to ask.

Every story printed in our publication needs at least one full-page illustration. Many stories will also need spot illustrations. If you are interested in illustrating a story instead of a comic short or an individual illustration, please send either A) a link to your online portfolio or B) three .tiff or .jpg images that best represent your style. Please indicate that your interest is to illustrate a story. Once we receive an example of your work, we will determine if we would like you to contribute to our publication. If we do like your artwork, we will send you a story to illustrate and any specifics that would go along with that story.

Please send all art submissions and relevant questions to CellarDoorBook@gmail.com. The subject line should contain YOUR NAME/Art Submission.


Being that comics/graphic novel serializations are a hybrid of written and visual work please follow these guidelines:

First submit a proposal (no more than a page) outlining the story and some of its primary plot points and/or characters. Include only a minimal amount of artwork if you believe it necessary. If you are in need of an artist please note it in your email.

If your proposal is accepted you will be asked for a script and artwork sample (if applicable) and arrangements will go forward from that point.

Also, if you already have a finished work you’d like us to consider we would be more than happy to take a look at it without the process listed above.

Comic/graphic novel serialization proposals and relevant questions should be sent to Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com.

Response Time

Though we try to get back to all contributors in a timely manner we do get behind in the game now and then. Please feel free to contact us in regards to the status of your piece if you have not heard from an editor within 30 days of submitting.


Beyond exposure in the quarterly, the contributor is guaranteed one copy of the book in which his/her work appears.

Measures are being taken to obtain financial compensation as well but I have no firm details or planned rates at this time.


By submitting your unpublished work, you understand that, if accepted, Cellar Door is acquiring First North American Serial Rights which gives us the right to publish your work for the first time in the North American market. You, the author retain all other rights to the work and will be contacted for permission if we plan to include it in any future collections. If the work is not published within six months of acceptance all first rights are null and void.

Any use of your material in the format of Podcasts and MP3 will be protected under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial - No Derivatives 3.0 license (see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ for full details). Basically this protects your work from any attempts to use it commercially or creating derivatives not approved by the creator of the work.

Any questions should be directed to Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com. The editorial staff of Cellar Door look forward to hearing from you!


Get Unraveled!

I can't wait to start getting submissions for the second book! (Don't worry the first book hasn't hit the shelves just yet! You didn't miss it! Soon!). In case you haven't received the guidelines and have missed all the previous blogs, the theme for number two is Unraveling. Yes, that's right, before our first book is even printed we are daring the wrathful pantheon of literary gods with a theme about things falling apart. We here at Cellar Door thumb our noses at jinxes. Let's do this bigger and better than the first book that you have not seen quite yet! YES!


Murder Machine!

Comic auteur Hamza Pecenkovic has a great comic project up on IndieGoGo.com. You really do need to go and check it out immediately (and donate of course, but that should go without saying). You can do your part for as little as $5 and get some great merchandise in return! Don't hesitate! We're talking Nazi robots gone good and super science gone awry. How could you possibly miss that?

Go to the link below...yes, now.


Author Buttons Photo Shoot

Don't these wonderful people make you want to jump online and buy some buttons depicting your favorite creative minds??? Be sure to stop by www.etsy.com/shop/storytellerarch (or just click on the link on this page!).

Also in the news: Be sure to let me know if you have not yet received the guidelines for our second book, Cellar Door: Unraveling. AND be sure to check out Hamza Pecenkovic's Murder Machine at www.indiegogo.com/murdermachine (more coming soon!).


In the Thick of It

We are now past the halfway point of the 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge at Time Warp Comics in Boulder. The expectation of sleep deprivation is starting to take its toll. Eyes are beginning to sag. Writer Ben Simkins temporarily grew breasts under a Jonah Hex tank top. Art director Leila del Duca is warning of oncoming crankiness. I actually only got enough energy to write this blog from a second piece of pizza and the invigoratingly cold hands of a lovely French girl on his neck.

Breaking News! Giant prehistoric penguin discovered in Peru!!!

And now back to writing and perusing comics. More to follow unless I lose consciousness.



It is that time of year again: The 24 Hour Comic Book challenge. This year I will be attending at Time Warp, an awesome comic shop in Boulder. There will lots of amazing artists in attendance including Sam Spina, Hamza Pecenkovic and Leila del Duca! We will of course have the buttons there to hock (including the brand spanking new Murder Machine ones). Be sure to come out if you have the time! Things will be kicking off at 10 am tomorrow (Saturday the 2nd) and not ending til 10 am on Sunday.