Meet the Talent!

Coming soon we will have more information about and interviews with those that are the blood and bones of Cellar Door Anthology, the writers and the artists. Here through the work of myself and the poet/writer Tameca Coleman you will be able to find out more about your favorites that you seen in the book.



Things You Should Do and See!

It seems like things are moving so fast that the world is becoming a glorious blur so I just wanted to keep you all posted on some upcoming events and happenings and gatherings and such. The following will involved not only Cellar Door Anthology but also 5280 Comicbook Classroom and the brand new and shiny zine, PLUG.

This Saturday! May the 7th a bunch of us will be gathering at a couple different spots to celebrate a day of wonder known as FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. This, as stated in its name, will include the giving out of free comics as well as having peeps from both Cellar Door and 5280 on hand as well of a slew of artists willing to fulfill you imagination's needs with really neat commissions. Also, not to be balked at, mocked or disdained will be the great sales offered by the gentlemen and Patty! at I Want More Comics (http://www.iwantmorecomics.com/) and Wayne and his crew at Time Warp in Boulder (http://www.time-warp.com/servlet/StoreFront).

On Friday May 20 we will be throwing a fundraising concert (catchy title to come!) for PLUG, a hot new zine that can be obtained at the Santa Fe art walk (First Friday in June) at Leela European Cafe, home of Denver Drink & Draw on Tuesdays. Stay tuned for details on this one! Cellar Door merch and info will be available somewhere in the house.

Don't forget! May 20th is also the deadline for your Kafka (art or essay) entries for Cellar Door: Unraveling. Make sure you've paid your $2 entry charge by that time as well to make sure you qualify for the $50 prize money if your work is judged the best!

That's all the announcements I have for the moment but be sure and stay tuned! Like I've said, things are moving awfully fast as of late.


Herding Cats :)

So its that time again! I've gotten started on handing out stories to illustrate for Cellar Door: Unraveling. We have great stories and poems for the second book and now we're in need of some illumination. If you're not holding something to draw and feel the desire to do so please do let me know. I've got post-apocalyptic worlds and cardboard men and poems on barroom napkins among many other things.

So...talk to me at Drink & Draw or an upcoming 5280 Comicbook Classroom event or you can just email me at Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com. Include in the subject: I Want to Draw!