The Fox Witch and Other Tales

Hey all. Everyone should check out (and donate to) the latest project of our illustrious and illustrative art director Leila del Duca. For a mere $10 you can be a part of unshackling this super talent from financial concerns. For a mere $20 you can get a copy of her book which is sure to be a thing of beauty. Don't stop there though! (if pocketbook allows) She is offering a lot of other really amazing artistic rewards to those who are willing to offer some more backing! Even if you don't have the $1 to give for updates (really? its $1 people!) go to the following link to check out her charming video.


The Cover!

I'm very much in love with our first anthology's cover by Eric Hinkley. He's masterful in many mediums but this time he chose to put his hand to digital painting to (no big surprise) beautiful results. He is an incredibly talented artist. You can check out a lot more of his pieces at EricandalsoArt.blogspot.com. Be sure to check them out!

Also: I'd like to thank all the others who submitted entries for the cover contest. Our favorites will be printed (in black and white) within the book.

Capital Hill Books

Good news! Our author buttons will now be for sale over the counter at a great independent bookstore on the corner of Colfax and Grant here in Denver, Capital Hill Books. I'll be bringing the first assortment of them to the store tomorrow. I'm very excited about this venture. I think it'll be the start of great things.

So...just wondering if there's anything you'd like to see on this blog. For now I'm thinking artist and author profiles, excerpts and sneak peak artwork. Let me know if you have any other ideas. For now I'm going to return to the happy chaos that is Denver Drink & Draw at Leela's European Cafe.



The Secret Meeting

(there, now that my title has your attention...)


Once the secret meeting (which will be declassified in upcoming posts) failed to come together at HQ (aka Leela's European Cafe) I decided to tuck into my studio for a day of hermitude. The original plan was to write and work on the encyclopedia I'm compiling to keep the names and beasts and gods and places of my mythological world in some semblance of order. Instead I found myself wandering to the ever-growing collection of comics I'd like to read. Therefore I have two many stars/thumbs up reviews to pass on!

The first is a really great "illustrated novel" both written and drawn by Craig Thompson. It is a biographical story of childhood, first love and coming of age. Its a bit over 500 pages and I went through it in one sitting (which for those who know my....ooo shiny...distractable ways, that is quite a feat!). It'll break your heart and make you laugh and (hopefully) make you question the world around you at least a little bit.

The second is Automatic Kafka. All I have to say is: Read Automatic Kafka. When you do, we'll talk. Do it soon. I want to talk now.


I have a mission. No, unfortunately it is not to get lost in comics once more. Today I am assembling packages of author buttons (if you don't know what author buttons are see the "Author Buttons for Sale" link on the main page) to bring to the local indie and used book stores. Hopefully they will fall in love with them--I mean how could they help it really--and beg me to allow them to place them on their counters for sale to the general literary masses of Denver.

Wish me luck.


Here we go!

Keep an eye out for this logo! It stands for creativity in poetry, prose, and art! It stands for a balance of image and word! It stands for a lot of really talented (and somewhat starving) artists and writers trying to get your attention. Cellar Door is an anthology with its base of operations in Denver, CO. We are well into the production of our first issue (with the theme "ONE") and gearing up to get it to you, our potential adoring public. Be sure to stop here often. Feel free to let drop a snarky comment (or two) if you don't see something fresh every few days. We creative types tend to drift. Soon though! you should be able to come here to find excerpts from the book, release dates, submission guidelines, fundraising events and other literary and artistic anthology goodness. Stay tuned!