The Secret Meeting

(there, now that my title has your attention...)


Once the secret meeting (which will be declassified in upcoming posts) failed to come together at HQ (aka Leela's European Cafe) I decided to tuck into my studio for a day of hermitude. The original plan was to write and work on the encyclopedia I'm compiling to keep the names and beasts and gods and places of my mythological world in some semblance of order. Instead I found myself wandering to the ever-growing collection of comics I'd like to read. Therefore I have two many stars/thumbs up reviews to pass on!

The first is a really great "illustrated novel" both written and drawn by Craig Thompson. It is a biographical story of childhood, first love and coming of age. Its a bit over 500 pages and I went through it in one sitting (which for those who know my....ooo shiny...distractable ways, that is quite a feat!). It'll break your heart and make you laugh and (hopefully) make you question the world around you at least a little bit.

The second is Automatic Kafka. All I have to say is: Read Automatic Kafka. When you do, we'll talk. Do it soon. I want to talk now.


I have a mission. No, unfortunately it is not to get lost in comics once more. Today I am assembling packages of author buttons (if you don't know what author buttons are see the "Author Buttons for Sale" link on the main page) to bring to the local indie and used book stores. Hopefully they will fall in love with them--I mean how could they help it really--and beg me to allow them to place them on their counters for sale to the general literary masses of Denver.

Wish me luck.

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