Buttons are Booming!

Button sales are picking up speed at the Etsy store (www.etsy.com/shop/Storytellerarch). Make sure you get yours while supplies last!!!...well...not really in any danger of running out...for now! Still see what all your friends are talking about and wearing on their bags! See what the beautiful baristas of Leela European Cafe are sporting!

The newest offerings include beloved Roald Dahl drawn by Sam Spina and the beginnings of a line of Murder Machine buttons from the epic series written and drawn by Hamza Pecenkovic.

Also, after the first release parties for the anthology (sooooon I promise) we'll be procuring a machine that can make the 1 1/4" buttons too!


Art Collection

Greetings all. Tonight Leila and I will be gathering the last remnants of art for Cellar Door: One (our first issue!). Among other great pieces is the one below drawn by the uber talented Hamza Pecenkovic! The illustration will be alongside the Ace poems by Tabitha Dial. I can't wait to get finished putting everything together and hold that first proof in my trembling hands. Watch your e-mail boxes for news of upcoming releases and book two (Cellar Door: Unraveling) guidelines!



Hey all. I feel like I've been neglecting you all on here lately so I thought I would just share some news...no fancy videos or art at the moment since I'm not connected to my external hardrive...

So despite the delay (on the original word of an August release) things are going great! We have some great stories and poems to share and some truly amazing artwork! I really can't wait for you all, our loyal audience in the making, to take a look. Leila and I will be putting everything together in the next couple of weeks and sending it off to the presses.

We have new buttons on the Etsy site (Etsy.com/shop/Storytellerarch). I'm still working towards getting them all on there at once. I think right now there are 26 of 36. It's not easy getting them all on when they're selling so well ;) NOT that I'm complaining! The latest additions are Roald Dahl (drawn by Sam Spina), Hayeo Miyazaki (drawn by Peri Smith), Mary Shelley (drawn by yours truly, Michael Prince) and Martin Luther King, Jr. (drawn by Zech Baker). Be sure to check them out!

Also! there are only a mere seven days left on Leila del Duca's Indiegogo project (Indiegogo.com/thefoxwitch). She's made some good money but there's still more to go to make the minimum goal. Don't let this opportunity get away. There are some wonderful incentives including copies of her upcoming collection of mini-comics and ORIGINAL artwork and sketches. Go there....now!

Why are you still here?

No really.

Oh wait! Also if you've just found this site be sure to drop us an email at the address above. We'd especially love to hear from you if you are an artist or writer interested in submitting to our anthology!

Stay tuned ;)