Cellar Door: Coloring Book

Hey all. In case you missed the mass mailing, here is the announcement for book 5! Deadlines should be following shortly:

Greetings, friends, and hurry down the steps. It's cool and dry down here in the cellar, and we've much to discuss! It's been a hectic few months... We've celebrated our successful kickstartings and produced two simultaneous books of startling quality and style. We could not have achieved any of this without your collective faith and support. We'd like to quickly thank and quickly apologize. Quickly! We must be quick because our hunger and ambition is not to be sated. “More!” our hearts cry out. The ink isn't yet dry on our last books and yet “More!” is all we hear from the confines of our rattling skulls. And so the staff has met to form such a frantic conspiracy to call for...
Cellar Door
Coloring Book
an anthological experience of color in art, fiction, poetry, and sequential form.
Cellar Door, the literary and visual arts publication is calling for work inspired by, motivated through, or wrapped in glorious color for its next exciting issue to be released in the fourth quarter of 2012.
We're calling this one Coloring Book, though not the kind that might beg the attention of a worn box of crayons. We're dividing the book up into a dozen different colors like chapters with similarly inspired works grouped together. We want this book to be a visual feast, explosive like 'diet coke and mentos' for your eyes. Every piece will be tied to a particular color, either metaphorically, such as the blueness that settles over a would-be mother burying yet another still-born, or directly, such as the blue of a bucket of smurf blood. Do you have a story that speaks purple? Do you have a painting that feels olive? How about a poem that makes you want to rhyme with orange? Submit!

The Process

Chapter Choosing!
                Coloring Book will be composed of chapters of similar works divided by color. In order to be accepted with the color of your choice be sure to submit in a timely manner. We will not entertain requests for specific colors. Send your work as early as you can.
                Please send all submissions to Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com. Include your name in the e-mail only. The submission should only contain the title, content, and page numbers formatted in standard MLA.

By submitting your unpublished work, you understand that, if accepted, Cellar Door is acquiring First North American Serial Rights which gives us the right to publish your work for the first time in the North American market. You, the author retain all other rights to the work and will be contacted for permission if we plan to include it in any future collections. If the work is not published within nine months of acceptance all first rights are null and void. Any use of your material in the format of Podcasts and MP3 will be protected under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial - No Derivatives 3.0 license (seehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ for full details). Basically this protects your work from any attempts to use it commercially or creating derivatives not approved by the creator of the work.

                If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com.


On the Near Horizon

 Hello out there! Not only should there be more blogs to check out on here pretty soon but ALSO more neato stuff to buy, read, and generally make you a better nerd...I mean person...I mean nerd.

First of all. Soon we should have all of the books on here for purchase. You won't be finding them on good old Amazon and such for a while (those things cost more than our growing pains budget can handle). We are also working on making PDF and kindle versions available to our great audience ASAP. If you have any experience or advice with these sorts of things make sure and drop us an e-mail at Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com. 

Also wanted you to know that if you were one of our loyal supporters in the Kickstarter campaign to print books three and four, you should be receiving a survey soon asking you to identify your choices for the incentives. Be on the look out. We're going to get everything out to you this month!

For this reason, we ask that our talented and faithful contributors continue to be patient in obtaining their contributor copies. We have to take care of the debts and then you're up! Always send us a note if you have any questions.