ANCIENT: Call for submissions!

Hello, hello! This is Leila del Duca. At the moment, I'm listening to Man Man, and it's doing a good job at fueling my creative energy. That's beside the point. The POINT of this post is that we're doing an ALL SEQUENTIAL issue of Cellar Door to be released in time for Denver Comicon in June 2012! The theme this time is "Ancient" and I will be guest Art Directing it. Yes! Yes, it is true, so true. This time we aren't accepting any short stories, but we are accepting comics and whatever form of sequential art you can throw our way, and I hope you have some good stuff to hurl at us. Hurl in the tossing sense, not puke or anything...This is getting gross. Just read the submission guidelines already and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

An all-sequential issue of Cellar Door

Call for Talent
Cellar Door, the literary and visual arts publication is now looking for submissions for its first all-sequential issue to be released in June 2012 in time for Denver Comic Con! This time, we will be accepting comics, or, sequential art.

The Theme
The theme for this edition of Cellar Door is going to be Ancient. Think of old things, new things that look old, crumbling ruins, times long gone and past. Think of the future and what the present must look like to those yet to come. Think of historical ancients and fantastical ancients and sci-fi ancients and ancient ancients. Think Ancients, like in Stargate! Yeah. Yeah!! Let us know if you have any questions.

The Guidelines
Being that comics/graphic novel serializations are a hybrid of written and visual work and are extremely work-intensive, please follow these guidelines:

First submit a proposal (no more than a page) outlining the story and some of its primary plot points and/or characters. Include only a minimal amount of artwork if you believe it necessary. If you are a writer in need of a comic book artist, please let us know. If you are an artist wanting to work from someone else's script, please let us know and include samples of your work in an email.

If your proposal is accepted you will be asked for a script and artwork sample (if applicable) and arrangements will go forward from that point.

Also, if you already have a finished work you’d like us to consider we would be more than happy to take a look at it without the process listed above.

Final artwork must fit within the dimensions of 6 x 9 inches, which is the format of the final book.
Comic/graphic novel serialization proposals and relevant questions should be sent to Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com.

Proposals: December 15, 2011Script and minimal art: February 15, 2012Final art: April 15, 2012

Response Time
Though we try to get back to all contributors in a timely manner we do get behind in the game now and then. Please feel free to contact us in regards to the status of your piece if you have not heard from an editor within 10 days of submitting.

Beyond exposure in the quarterly, the contributor is guaranteed one copy of the book in which his/her work appears.

Measures are being taken to obtain financial compensation as well but I have no firm details or planned rates at this time.

By submitting your unpublished work, you understand that, if accepted, Cellar Door is acquiring First North American Serial Rights which gives us the right to publish your work for the first time in the North American market. You, the author retain all other rights to the work and will be contacted for permission if we plan to include it in any future collections. If the work is not published within six months of acceptance all first rights are null and void.

Any use of your material in the format of Podcasts and MP3 will be protected under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial - No Derivatives 3.0 license (see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ for full details). Basically this protects your work from any attempts to use it commercially or creating derivatives not approved by the creator of the work.


This issue will be guest-Art Directed by Leila del Duca. Please send inquiries and correspondence to her at leiladelduca@gmail.com, and please CC to Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com. The editorial staff of Cellar Door look forward to hearing from you!


Blog Fail!

So this is just a blog to let you know that I know that I've been failing at keeping this blog all exciting and fresh lately. Cellar Door: Unraveling is at the printers and ready to roll...waiting to roll....wanting to roll! There are only a few minor obstacles to conquer and it will be allowed to roll. Hearsay and rumors and little birds say that there is a good possibility that we might be holding the release party in the esteemed Grant Humphreys Mansion of Capital Hill which should be rather grand. I just finished making the little changes on the Call for Talent for book three, themed Threshold so if you don't see a copy in the next few days and would like to get one just let me know. The big news is that we are now going to be in full color. While that might not be huge news to the writers (though some do like to play in colorful fonts) I think it deserves a great big exclamation point for the artists and the readers. Well that's about all that I have for you right now but be sure to check back here soon for more. I plan on getting better at this and maybe a few angry emails would help make sure I do.