Hello Again!

To start off, let's talk about Project Hello 2011. It is to be a gathering of creatives from every medium: filmmakers and painters and sculptors and musicians and writers, fashion designers, jewelry makers (deep breath), culinary artists, and crafters! If you are any of these or one that has slipped my attention you should be a part of this big event. Its the second one they're throwing. Apparently 2010 was a big success! The entry deadline is May 2 so don't wait too long. Follow the link below to get there. Entry is free but if you are accepted there is a $25 participation charge. I'm going to try and get a spot for Cellar Door Anthology as well as 5280 Comic Book Classroom table. Hope to see you there too.

Also stay tuned for news of a highly successful Denver Comicfest 2011! We'll be having the post-party and debriefing this coming Friday and I'll have a bunch more details about the things we've done. Some highlights you ask? Nationally renowned Elliot Serrano (Army of Darkness comics!) is going to give us a mention on his Chicago Tribune associated blog (http://blogs.redeyechicago.com/geek-to-me/) and you may someday see LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation fame wearing a 5280 T-shirt :)  Also! I Want More Comics (http://iwantmorecomics.com/) is promoting Cellar Door Anthology and its jumping over their shelves.

As always...stay tuned for more!



So...the public domain is a beautiful beautiful thing and I've recently decided to partake of it in order to enhance the future editions of Cellar Door beginning with Unraveling. If all goes as planned (and why wouldn't it? right?) we will be including the master Franz Kafka's "Jackals and Arabs" as well as an essay and some artwork inspired by his work. Said essay and art will be the output of an contest that will be running until the 20th of May.

Make sure and email us if you would like to participate in the contest (at the usual address: Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com) and I'll send out the details. The gist for now? The essay will be 500-1000 words concerning a connection between Kafka's work and the theme of the book, unraveling. The art contest will be a choice of three drawings: 1. a portrait of the writer. 2. a drawing of a man transforming into a bug. 3. an illustration from the short story "Jackals and Arabs". To read the story online go here: http://www.kafka-online.info/jackals-and-arabs.html. It's a great read as are the rest of his works.

I hope to hear from you!


I Want More Comics!

While the title of this blog is a truthful statement it is also the name of a really great comic shop in Westminster that as of last night has copies of Cellar Door: One upon its shelves. These guys are also partners with 5280 Comicbook Classroom so while it may be a bit of a drive for those of us in the downtown area (and even farther for some of you dear readers) it is well worth the trip. They've got a great staff, an amazing selection and always some fun going on in the store.