Lonnie MF Allen

Next up we have the interview results from one of the most notorious members of Denver Drink & Draw and a dear friend of your humble editor: Lonnie MF Allen! Enjoy!

Cellar Door: What do you write and draw?

Lonnie MF Allen: I’ve made a lot of mini-comics since then late nineties as well as had comic short stories published in anthologies, including an Eisner nominated one in SPX 2005. I’m currently working on a graphic novel that I hope to show around as well as irregular web-comic on my blog page.

CD: Is there anything you would love to adapt? A book to a screenplay? A movie to a comic? A fairy tale to something? Etc…

LMFA: Just about every novel that I read I want to adapt into a television series or film. Oddly enough, I don’t feel that way about comics because those are better adapted to animations. Aeon Flux is the best example I can think of, it was a wonderful animated series and when I had heard they were adapting it into a film, I thought that could be nothing but horrible, and I was right.

CD: Who are your strongest influences?

LMFA: If I went into a list, it would most likely be boring and long. I’ll name off a few big ones for me: Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Pynchon, Voltaire, Dash Shaw, Hernandez Brothers, Jose Munoz, and David Mazzuchelli.

CD: What are your favorite books (comics, of course are included)?

LMFA: Breakfast of Champions, As I Lay Dying, Things Fall Apart, Asterios Polyp, Body World, anything by Neal Stephenson.

CD: What music (if any) do you listen to while you work?

LMFA: Everything and almost anything. Please don’t misunderstand this as me not caring. I love music, so I try to just set my iTunes to random, and listen.

This piece is from www.LonnieAllen.blogspot.com



     Come one come all to a comic reading at the new(ish) DIY art and music headquarters of Boulder! This should be a fun night full of amazing artwork and great storytelling by some of our local heroes including Lonnie MF Allen, the Xeric award-winning cartoonist Sam Spina, Celso, and Noah Van Sciver of Blammo fame. 
      The gallery will be opening at 6 pm and the readings will commence at 8 pm. This event is free but there will be places to make a charitable donation! Astroland is located at 4415 North Broadway, Boulder, CO.
      This should be a lot of fun! I hope to see you all there on July 9th!