Blog Fail!

So this is just a blog to let you know that I know that I've been failing at keeping this blog all exciting and fresh lately. Cellar Door: Unraveling is at the printers and ready to roll...waiting to roll....wanting to roll! There are only a few minor obstacles to conquer and it will be allowed to roll. Hearsay and rumors and little birds say that there is a good possibility that we might be holding the release party in the esteemed Grant Humphreys Mansion of Capital Hill which should be rather grand. I just finished making the little changes on the Call for Talent for book three, themed Threshold so if you don't see a copy in the next few days and would like to get one just let me know. The big news is that we are now going to be in full color. While that might not be huge news to the writers (though some do like to play in colorful fonts) I think it deserves a great big exclamation point for the artists and the readers. Well that's about all that I have for you right now but be sure to check back here soon for more. I plan on getting better at this and maybe a few angry emails would help make sure I do.



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