The Basics

Greetings readers! I thought since I have been telling a lot of new people about this blog lately I should probably take a moment and review the basics of what Cellar Door is (and what it hopes to be). The anthology started out a little under a year ago after another book my group had been working on called Tales to Oddify went under. The editors of that one got out two pretty cool books but the motif of pulp fiction only seemed to stifle the amount of content they received. Having learned the ins and outs of self publishing through this experience (though my cohorts and I were only writers and artists on the book and not the ones putting it together) we decided to give it a try and thus was born Cellar Door. One of my main hopes is that this book will start people on the road to submitting their works for publication. It can be a really intimidating industry out there and I am trying to help make it a little less so. There are too many amazing voices and visions that get relegated to the corner because they don't think they have what it takes.

The first book we put together under the title was themed One (and is still available here, on Amazon, and upon the bookshelves of a few stores in Denver, CO). It took approximately six months to put together and release and has gotten some favorable attention.

The second book is being created under the theme Unraveling. We've got some really great material already and are still looking for a bit more. I'm excited to report that it will definitely have more artwork than the first issue! Keep your eyes open and tell your friends to submit and check out the book.

Thanks so much,

Michael Prince

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