Oh the Horror!

I've discovered today (between midterm prep) that horror comics are alive and well! I've got some recommendations for those of you not too weak of heart ;)

First off Vertigo is putting together a monthly anthology of some of comic's best minds and talents under the title: Flinch. It is aptly named. The story's range from the cutely macabre to the gut-wrenching to the occasional mind-jarring thread. My favorite so far of the three collections I've read was "Wolf Girl Eats". I think it was in the first book actually.

My meanderings next led me to a comic put out by IDW, written by Steve Niles and drawn by Hector Casanova (great name!) called "The Lurkers". I loved the art in this book and the story was consistently creepy and enthralling. Tired of Zombies? Come check out the Ghouls in here. I need to find more work of both of these guys!

The last was a short book by Alan Moore so its no big surprise that I was enchanted and stunned all at once. The book is The Courtyard. Its a fantastic tale in Lovecraftian fashion (keep an eye out for the Cthuhlu tentacle beard in the second half!). This comic was printed under Avatar. Make sure to look it up.

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