Comics & Education Symposium

Love comics? Love reading? Love education? Still need to get your hands on a copy of Cellar Door: One or some fantastic author buttons??? Make sure to be at Tattered Cover in LoDo this coming Thursday around 5 o'clock. We'll have a great panel in session starring some great mind and talent!

* Leila (stop calling me beautiful!) del Duca the artist on such titles as Escape from Terra and her personal project Fox Witch and Other Tales.

*  Doctor William Kuskin, repeat panelist at Denver Comicfest and great literary mind joining us all the way from CU-Boulder.

* Sam Spina the AWE-inspiring auteur of Spinadoodles and many other charming titles!

* Professor Rebecca Gorman, bringer of comic knowledge, successful playwright and professor at Metro State College of Denver.

* Scorpio Steele the mysterious and uber talented artist!

* Professor Quintin Gonzalez who has brought Graphic Novel to UC-Denver and will bring his charm to this panel (ask him about his love of Scott Pilgrim).

With a line-up like this can you really say no to a visit??? Make sure to get the skinny on Friday's events too if you haven't heard already! Here's a couple of teasers: American Splendor and Static Shock and prizes and merch! This one will be held in North Classroom on Auraria Campus (room 1525)...just follow the posters and herd of nerds heading into the building :)

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