Hunting Writers!

      I've just returned from the annual Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society) International Conference held this year at Pittsburgh, PA. It was a weekend full of excitement and lots and lots of talent. I talked to plenty of fantastic writers about submitting to Cellar Door: Unraveling and hope to see a new crop of poems and stories coming in soon. The conference ended on Sunday and there is the shock of readjusting to reality (work and school especially) to consider so while I am hungry to see these new works, I refuse to grow impatient until at least the end of the week. Then! All bets are off ;)
       The picture here depicts a classy sampling of the super team known now as the Sigma Tau Delta Mega-Chapter which knows no borders! You'll be hearing more from them and certainly from me. Stay tuned.

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  1. Yay! More writers! That is a wonderful thing! I look forward to seeing more poetry! Peace!