Rapunzel (A work in progress)

Artist Thea Jovie Hunt is hard at work creating a collection of images from the fairytale Rapunzel to include in Cellar Door: Unraveling. If you think about it, it couldn't be much more perfect for the theme. A girl is taken from her home because of her father's theft (though they were just vegetables!). A witch's obsession keeps her from living a normal life. In the end a prince's eyes are undone by thorns. This old tale was made for this book! To the left is just a hint of the wonderful work you'll find between the covers of the second issue of Cellar Door Anthology.

ALSO! Poet and writer Tameca Coleman has just signed on to write the occasional blog on here. I am honored and you should be excited. Tameca is a very talented wordsmith! Keep an eye on great things to come.