Well, gee!

I came to the Cellar Door blog to give you guys an update on the very belated first issue, but I found the below post instead! Thanks, Michael, you sure are swell!

Yes, it's true. Due to generous donations from my friends, family, and a few strangers, I was able to quit my hotel day job and work as a full-time comic artist and illustrator. It's been awesome, stressful, rewarding, frustrating, and fracking (to steal from BSG) magical. Thanks again for everyone's support! And for those of you just hearing about the project, visit my blog to catch up!

Now for a Cellar Door update:

It's getting done.

Tomorrow I'll be handing off the final, fixed files to Michael! I took an executive decision to fix a few small things. Even though a bunch of the changes were minute, I believed the changes were worth waiting another month to get the final book.

I'm very excited to finally get this book into your hands and I want to thank everyone for their patience.

Love and hugs!


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