The Proof and Photographic Evidence

It has been a long time coming but I am actually passing around the proof for the first edition of Cellar Door at Drink & Draw tonight. So far it is getting positive reviews. The cover looks gorgeous which comes as no great surprise. The entire thing has made me even more excited (as impossible as that sounds) to put together the second book: Unraveling!

Speaking of the second book... I will be adjusting the deadlines quite drastically. Apologies to those who have been working hard to get their material submitted on time. I do believe that more contributors will be sighing in great relief. Things got a lot busier than what I suspected they would and I want to dedicate time to getting the first book out instead of working at editing the second one at the moment. Therefore, more time for you. I will be posting an updated version here on the blog soon.

ALSO: We will now be able to accept B&W photography. The one that we used in the author button ad came out just fine. I'll be consulting with a photographer friend to draw up the guidelines and adding those soon as well.


  1. Good to hear it's finally on the way. Just as good, if not better to hear I've got a little more time to do some writing.