Leila Del Duca

Surely you've heard of her by now! If not, you have not been reading these posts closely enough and you need to get your head in the comic game. This girl is on fire. She recently had a rather successful run on IndieGoGo.com and was able to give full time illustrating a go. This could not have happened to a better artist. Leila is doing incredible things with her newfound creative freedom. Make sure and keep your eyes open for the upcoming Fox Witch and Other Tales book she is currently working on as well as a bunch of other projects (including art directing the first issue of Cellar Door of course). You can see her work at LeiladelDuca.com, there's a link right there to the right of this blog. Now is the time to check out her work so you can say "you knew her when" after she hits her stride and is too important to talk to the likes of you ;)

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