"Ancient" Creative List as of today!

Holy mother of Santa, do we have a spectacular list of artists (and writers) for Cellar Door: Ancient!
I just got the first official finished comic by the illustrious Sam Spina, as usual. He's a punctual dude. I heard from his girlfriend, Samantha, that he was laughing out loud to himself as he drew this comic. It's four pages long and this is only the first page, so you'll have to buy the book to see what he was chuckling about!!

Mr. V, another splendid Denver artist, is second in place for speed so far, having turned in his finished inks only a week ago!

I have a list of over 20 artists who I'm totally psyched about. I also have three scripts that need artists to draw them, so if you're an artist looking for a script, email me!

My line-up of artists so far:

Sam Spina
Mr. V
Ron Ruelle
Oi Bob Parks and Berto
Jake Roth
John Peters
Nate Hamel
Tim Winkleman
Perri Smith
Madeline Keller
Anjuli King
Justin and Andy
Dan Connor
Lucas Schneider
Tyler Brown
Laurissa Hughes
Amanda McManaman
Scorpio Steele
Nick Van Over
Joe Oliver
Jen Goodland
Melanie Gilman
Charlito LaGreca
Antholy Aleman
Jon Garza!!!

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas! PSYCHED.

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