Fitches for the Win!

 Last night at the (Rough Cut) Unraveling Book Party held at the wondrous and haunted Grant Humphreys mansion of Capital Hill, Miss Abigail Fitches was presented with a giant fake check! Of course it was only a symbol of the $50 prize she was earlier awarded for her incredible portrait of Franz Kafka (seen below). He will be available in button and magnet form soon :)

Both writers and artists make sure and keep your eyes open (or just email me) for details about the upcoming JABBERWOCKY contest for Cellar Door: Threshold!


  1. What? That was Abbey's piece?? I love her stuff! I was seriously like, "Woah, this one is so cool," when I first saw it. She's cool...

  2. wow that is a shite picture of me lol, and thanks Leila, but your way cooler than me :D