The Luminous Jillian Phillips

The Needled Tailor

Jillian M. Phillips

He has sewn himself
to my side and I,
so desperate to feel loved,
and honored,
and protected,
have let him.

He has taken his silvery thread
so delicate,
so translucent,
and fastened himself
securely to me.

He has opened himself
to give me a chance to see into him;
the gaping hole,
a chasm of hope and desire,
so wide I am not sure
if it is too deep to swim
or too far to reach
across to other side.

He has come to me seeking
to be valid and wanted
and I feel stronger,
more secure,
more needed,
more myself.

He has lent himself to me
as a harbor,
as a pattern already cut,
a place for me to come home to.

But, I do not need his home,
his stitched protection,
his remnants of greater love stories
patched together like a haphazard quilt.

He has sewn himself
to my side
and I have had
to let the thread unravel
until I am no longer
sewn to him.

Cellar Door is honored to announce that Jillian Phillips, an uber talented poet and writer hailing from Eau Claire, WI, will be joining us as a guest blogger. She's been widely published in various formats including multiple issues of our anthology.

Make sure to show her plenty of literary love.

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