The Rise of the Platypuses!

Give these Platypuses hope. Give them purpose. Support Cellar Door and give them color and character and pizzaz. We will send these little fellows forth into art auctions once they are properly adorned to earn money for the continued success of our collective and projects.

There are four of these clay-born creatures available at Denver Drink & Draw (Leela European Cafe) tonight. I also have a plethora of colorful sharpies and acrylics.Be the first to sign one and grow in fame.

Their infamous debut will most like be occurring on September Second wherever our auction table finally lands (You will be kept in the know).

For those of you language geeks that are scoffing at my pluralizing of these little guys, Webster's and other trusted interwebs sources assure me that both platypuses AND platypi are acceptable usages. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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