The Spectrum (Themes)

Attention one and all! In considering themes for future books I thought I might be able to make you part of the process. Always feel free to offer suggestions to Cellar.Door.Book@gmail.com.

We are coming out with the Unraveling book later this summer once we get some more art between the covers. Let me know if you're still interested in doing an illustration or two! The theme of the third book is to be Threshold and I'm going to start sending out guidelines for it any day now. As for those coming after I have decided to post a selection of themes (and have guidelines on hand upon request) and accept submissions for them simultaneously. The order of printing will be decided on which inspires the most content first and then we'll continue from there. So, without further ado, here are the first selections:

Dead Authors & Artists (working out an exact title still)

Tricksters & Fools

Out of Your Skin


Also, there is a distinct possibility that we may have an opportunity to print a book in color now and then which will allow the artists to truly shine! Please send me any thoughts you have on powerful themes that would inspire some great vivid art. Here's some of my thoughts:




Swords & Sorcery

Return to the Sea

And as always, your thoughts and opinions are invaluable to Cellar Door Anthology. Please share them freely.

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