The Future is NOW!

Greetings all. Just have to say that just when I think I can't get any more excited about the upcoming book and all the collaborations and projects that are springing up around us (here in Denver and abroad) I reach a new height.

We met some great people and sold some buttons and art at the two most recent cons (first the Supercon video game conference and then Cowtown Indie Comics as mentioned below).

Tonight, though the turnout was slow at first, things built up to a great night at Denver Drink & Draw at Leela's. Thanks to Charlie (of the ever fantastic Indie Spinner Rack podcast) for a fruitful and fun drawing/writing jam! Our prodigal and wonderful friend Kevin returned to our masses! I'm sitting here afterhours with two new friends (and very talented artists) Andy and Fritz.

I'm constantly amazed at how much talent that I've become privy to. I feel like I caught a light through a keyhole then watched the door fall away to a fantastical world in which the horizon keeps growing and growing. (Disclaimer: It is nearly three o' clock in the morning of a rather long day...take that into consideration if you will). If you are reading this rambling blog I'd like to know your feelings on what is to come. Be a part of this movement. Give us your art. Give us your words. Give us your support whether it be simple encouragement (priceless) or financial. Help us make the world a more interesting place.

Thanks for reading this all the way through! More thoughts to come soon I'm sure.

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